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Amazing New Rehab Concept!

Running School 2019
Running School 2019 (2)

Lorna recently attended 2 separate courses in London organised by the inspirational Mike Antoniades who founded The Running School. Lorna has been using the concept of Dynamic Movement Skills (DMS) for approximately 18 months and has been astounded by the results.

So who are The Running School?

The Running School teaches movement and teaches people of all ages and abilities to move better and move faster.

What is DMS?

DMS is a training and rehabilitation methodology that stimulates the nervous system and helps to refine and develop motor patterns. This helps to improve balance, coordination, speed and agility. Most importantly it improves proprioceptive awareness. Proprioception starts with our feet and is essential in providing feedback to our brain and fine tuning our movements to help us maintain our balance without injury. Sometimes it has been described as our sixth sense!

What are the results?

Lorna has used DMS to treat children and adults with a variety of difficulties from Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, abnormal gait patterns, pain after sports......all of whom have made significant progress. Improving their balance, stability and speed as well as more importantly reducing their pain!

What does the future hold?

Lorna is now looking at how DMS can help the upper body and help people with limited movement or pain in their shoulder, neck and back. Watch this space for news and updates over the coming months!

Exciting times too as Lorna is looking to roll this programme out to even more and is hoping to introduce it into schools in the local area, so if you know any schools who want to help their children move better and move faster why not give us a call on Tel 07801 238819.

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