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Mental Health Month – how we support

mental health

October is recognised as Mental Health Month.

Do you, or someone you know, struggle with your mental health?

If so, you aren't alone.

We don't need to dwell on how the last three years have impacted the mental health of our nation (the world population even). However we can help to shed some light on how our work can make a positive difference.

What is our experience?
We work with a range of clients of all ages, and their mental health can sometimes be affected by their circumstances.

Some of our clients are recovering from illness or an accident and their physical abilities are often significantly impacted. This can obviously have a detrimental effect on their sense of wellbeing. We see this as a pivotal part of our role; to evoke a feeling of positivity and hope in the Physiotherapy work that we do.

What can we do to support?
We use our decades of experience and skills to tailor our treatment to each client dependent on factors such as condition, age, ability and personality.

Some of our clients react best when faced with a challenge that we encourage them to achieve. Other clients are looking for consistent support and gentle encouragement to give them the confidence to try new tasks that will help them reach a goal close to their heart.

What can we do to make a difference?
We're extremely proud of the new range of activities and visits that we are currently organising with clients and their families.

We have a passion to bring activities and experiences to our clients and their support team (in the form of their friends and family), so that everyone can experience the excitement and fulfilment of a new activity, regardless of ability.

If you know of someone who may benefit from one of our planned activities such horse riding, trampolining, or swimming, do get in touch with us. We plan small-group activities and it would be wonderful to invite you or your loved one to join us.

Although Physio is very tiring I do feel a lot better afterwards and it helps to have a Physio that I can have a laugh with and that I can talk to. I feel it is very beneficial.

From A.D

Lorna makes the hard work of Physio fun. She has children of her own and relates well to my 7 year old boy. He has made good progress since she started working with him.

From R.G

Thank you Lorna, I cannot recommend Positive Steps Physiotherapy highly enough to support anyone needing specialist physiotherapy help.

From R.C

Lorna has been my son's Physio for over 3 years. He has a complex medical history and I can not underestimate the impact that Lorna has had on his life and ours as a family.

From V.F

Lorna has been my Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist for a few years now. Her cheerful encouragement plus broad knowledge and experience helps me to make, 'positive steps,' on my own every day.

From R.C

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