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Merry Christmas!

merry christmas from positive steps physio

Well what a year it has been, looking back we can't quite believe it all!

Reflecting on the challenges Positive Steps Physiotherapy faced makes us proud.....proud that the business has been flexible enough to survive. Proud that we flipped 80% of our caseload to virtual calls. Proud that the virtual calls were and still are a total success. Proud that our clients smashed their goals and achieved things they once thought impossible. So thank you to each and every one of our families that have worked with us through what has been a really different year.

Lorna looks back and realises how much she has learned, when once she would have argued against a hands off approach, COVID has shown what can be done when needed. Video calls have allowed Lorna to reach her clients in a totally safe and secure way with absolutely no risk to her or them. That is why it is still her first go to and why all new referrals are seen with a virtual first approach.

Looking forward we can see the end as the vaccine starts to roll out. The thought of hugging our friends and families still seems surreal after such a long time staying apart but we are almost there. So hold tight and keep going we are so close we can almost touch it!

Please please stay safe this Christmas and just think ahead to when it will be safe to get together and safe to hug each other. Then we might hug so tight we will never let go!


Although Physio is very tiring I do feel a lot better afterwards and it helps to have a Physio that I can have a laugh with and that I can talk to. I feel it is very beneficial.

From A.D

Lorna makes the hard work of Physio fun. She has children of her own and relates well to my 7 year old boy. He has made good progress since she started working with him.

From R.G

Thank you Lorna, I cannot recommend Positive Steps Physiotherapy highly enough to support anyone needing specialist physiotherapy help.

From R.C

Lorna has been my son's Physio for over 3 years. He has a complex medical history and I can not underestimate the impact that Lorna has had on his life and ours as a family.

From V.F

Lorna has been my Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist for a few years now. Her cheerful encouragement plus broad knowledge and experience helps me to make, 'positive steps,' on my own every day.

From R.C

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